the Book, the Place and the Pen

Andrea Louise Ambler

Jerald Eugene Klocek

It is with the reading of books the same as with looking at pictures;

one must, without doubt, without hesitations,

with assurance, admire what is beautiful.


                                                                                        Vincent Van Gogh





                        About the Authors                                                                                           


                        Letter to the Teacher                                                                                                     

                        Welcome Back to School                                                                                   

                        The Writing Process                                                                                         

                        The Revising Process                                                                                                    

                        The Editing Process      


                        Chapter 1                    Through the Eyes of Others                                         

                                                            Genre: Fiction

                                                            The Short Story

                        Chapter 2                    We are all booked up…                                                

                                                            Genre: Fiction

                                                            The Novel

                        Chapter 3                    Something New. . .Something Extraordinary                  

                                                            Genre: Fiction

                                                            The Setting of the Novel

                        Chapter 4                    Catching Sight of the Past                                             

                                                            Genre: Fiction

                                                            The Historical Novel

                        Chapter 5                   Gathering Thoughts                                                     

                                                            Genre: Fiction

                                                            A Reader’s Response Log

                        Chapter 6                    It’s True . . . this time it’s personal                                  

                                                            Genre: Non-Fiction


                        Chapter 7                    Another Writer’s Beginnings                                         

                                                            Genre: Non-Fiction

                                                            The Art and Craft of Biography

                        Chapter 8                    A Critic’s Eye                                                               

                                                            Genre: Fiction and Non-Fiction

                                                            The Book Review

                        Chapter 9                    Story Teller Extraordinaire                                             

                                                            Genre: Fables, Fairy Tales and Folk Tales

                                                            Once Upon a Time

                        Chapter 10                  Shakespeare Re-Imagined                                              

                                                            Genre: Drama

                                                            The Curtain Opens

                        Chapter 11                   Victorian Writers Who Had Great Expectations              

                                                            Genre: Victorian Drama and Fiction

                                                            Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol

                        Chapter 12                   Poetry: The Golden Flax of Literature                            

                                                            Genre: Poetry

                                                            Sonnets, Concrete Poetry and Narrative Poetry


“. . .most remarkable literature textbook. . . .“tasks”. . . encourage student participation. [T]hey are actually FUN. [A]n exultation for. . .[an} outstanding text.”

Elliot Engle, Ph.D., English Professor

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill, North Carolina

“The book is well researched to delve deeper into a topic, an extensive bibliography in some chapters. Instructional ideas are presented with a variety of practice and hands-on activities. Assessment suggestions in different forms . . .included in each chapter. . .a treasured instructional resource book . . .a gift for all teachers of literature, regardless of grade level.”

Beth Andersen-Perak, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Azusa Pacific University

Azusa, California

“. . . a much needed resource for any teacher of English or literature. . .adaptable for. . .both middle and high school students. The authors bring decades of teaching experience to the book, providing ‘how to’ instructions for both teachers and students.”

James W. Davis,

President, The Davis Group, LTD.

Author and Former Superintendent, La Canada Unified School District

La Canada, California

“This richly imbued text is a how-to book of the highest order. . .both passionate and practical. It offers teachers detailed information about every literary genre, followed by creative and imaginative tasks to challenge students. . .and numerous ideas for assessing student work.”

Phyllis Walker, Editor, English Teacher

Beverly Hills Unified School District

Beverly Hills, California

“This book is. . .a pathway to writing through the study of literature. . . .it would be a guide for writers, teachers new to the teaching of English and literature, students, critics, and simply aficionados of the student of literature. It is a guide; it is an outline; it is a handbook; it is a resource.”

Kathy (Longfellow) Cockerill, English Teacher

La Canada Unified School District

La Canada, California

Touching Gently,    A Memoir

Charles Ivan Hargrove

However difficult life may seem, there is always something you

can do and succeed at. 

                                                                                        Stephen Hawking



Chapter 1. Come sit a while, and visit

Chapter 2. School Years

Chapter 3. Going to Work

Chapter 4. The Discipline of Kindness

Chapter 5. Girls

Chapter 6. The Woods Are Full Of Big Hitters

Chapter 7. Enter Joan

Chapter 8. Settling In

Chapter 9. Greetings: You’re In The Navy Now

Chapter 10. USS Halsey Powell DD686

Chapter 11. Settling In, Again

Chapter 12. A Time for Change

Chapter 13. I Live Alone With Joan

Chapter 14. Our Grandchildren