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the Book, the Place and the Pen

     This is it! This book is written by teachers to encourage the teaching of literature and responding to it. The goal is to encourage the beginning classroom teacher and to reassure the experienced. This book is also indispensable for home schooled students and their parents. It is a valuable resource for all grade levels, elementary through high school. It provides both content and context. It includes activities for students that engage them in reading literature and strategies for writing about what they encountered.

     Literature: the Book, the Place and the Pen addresses national language arts standards through its twelve chapters, each centered on various genres, together with tasks.  Each chapter includes purposes and background information as well as creative and practical assignments for students and concludes with assessments. The text offers suggested book titles, many with annotations.

​     Our goal for students is to encourage them to become prolific readers in all genres – short story, novel, non-fiction, folk and fairy tales, drama, poetry – to love reading and to become insightful thinkers and competent writers in various forms.

     Do come in! Be delighted!

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Literature – the Book, the Place and the Pen

            A Teaching Resource Book


By Andrea L. Ambler  •  Jerald E. Klocek

         Illustrated by Christine J. Coates


Education: Teaching Literature, Reading, Writing

ISBN: 978-1-7340456-0-4  (Paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-7340456-1-1  (Ebook)

LCCN: 2019950968

184 Pages, 8.5 x 11,

Color Illustrations, Glossary, Bibliography

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Touching Gently, A Memoir

The story begins with Charles Hargrove's childhood in the city of Redlands, California during the Great Depression. He paints vivid, moving portraits of the people who influenced his life: his wise father, his strong and loving mother, and his talented Uncle Jack. His personal story conveys a larger picture of the time and place, and the culture, from which he sprang.


Charles tells of his coming of age, his delight in becoming an Eagle Scout, his relationship (and continuing obsession) with the game of golf, and the hardships of life on a destroyer during the Korean War. And he writes most lovingly of his wife, Joan Von Euer, sharing their story from their youthful courtship to her heartbreaking death from Alzheimer's. Charles writes plainly and truthfully of life’s twists and turns, paths considered but not taken, the precious victories and bitter losses, the pain and dark places, and the simple but exquisite joy of being human.

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Touching Gently

     A Memoir


By Charles I. Hargrove


    Autobiography /  Memoir

    ISBN: 978-1-7340456-2-8  (Paperback)                    

    ISBN: 978-1-7340456-3-5  (eBook)

    LCCN: 2020934617

    142 Pages, 6 x 9, with 29 photos/maps

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